Food and Drinks

During the festival we will have many snack options available at the front desk payable by cash: banana bread, homemade cookies, donuts, mini chocolate bars, chips, cheese sticks, vegetable sticks and apples, as well as the usual teas, herbal teas and coffee (bring your own mug or buy one of our Draconis mugs!). Water and juices are available in the CEGEP’s many vending machines. Also, since the festival takes place in a cafeteria, you can always bring your lunch and use the microwave ovens on site to heat it up. There are also many restaurants within walking distance.

Paying in advance

To save time, or if you don’t want to carry cash with you, you can send us a pre-payment by Interac transfer. This way, you’ll only have to identify yourself and we’ll subtract your purchases from your balance. To make a payment in advance, send your transfer to the email and use Draconis as the verification word.

We recommend paying by Interac transfer before the beginning of the festival to make sure we have your balance ready at the front desk. You can still put money into your account during the festival, but it might appear at the end of the current time slot. This is a manual process, and we do game from time to time.

Getting your balance back

We will send back the money left in your balance in the next two days after the end of the festival.

Take note that, since Interac transfers have a minimum of 5$, we won’t be able to return a balance of less than 5$. If that’s the case you can:

  • Donate it to the festival.
  • Take home additional food to make up for it.
  • Add funds to your balance so that it becomes higher than 5$.