A Draconis-themed mug!

A Draconis-themed mug!

  • 2 September 2022
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Hello everyone!

Would you like to support the Draconis Festival and get the first ever Draconis merchandise available for sale?

We present to you our official festival mug that you can proudly use to drink your coffee or tea (which will be available on site). You can even write your name or your character’s name on it with an erasable ink pen* and take it home afterwards, all the while contributing to the financial well-being of the festival! And all that for only $20!

If you are interested, send us a private message on Facebook, on Discord, or an email to festivaldraconis@gmail.com until September 23. We’ll arrange payment at that time. Mugs will be available for pick up at the front desk.

*Note that erasable ink pens are not included in the purchase, but we will have a few at the front desk so you can write your name on the mug.

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