Game Submission

Game Submission

  • 1 August 2022
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Hello everyone! Game submission for the Draconis festival this fall has officially started! No matter the genre, the game system, or your level of experience as a GM, we are interested in what you have to offer! Games are the core of our festival, and this is your chance to make it a success. As usual, we are particularly interested in games produced by Quebec writers; therefore, if you would like to showcase your game for over 400 roleplayers, Draconis is the perfect opportunity!

Draconis is an event that welcomes diversity, and we want our group of game masters to reflect that. So please, don’t hesitate to share your creativity!

You can submit your game by filling out this form. You have until September 17th.

Every game submitted will be offered at least once during the festival, although we reserve the right to refuse entries dealing with extremely controversial subjects. Please, use your common sense!

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