Scenario Submission – Fall 2023

Scenario Submission – Fall 2023

  • 1 August 2023
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The wait is over! Game masters can now submit their scenarios for the fall edition of Draconis 2023!

The biggest factor in the success of the festival since it launched in 2017 is, of course, the quality and variety of the scenarios. We’ve had a huge number of different systems, even some still in development by local creators, and we hope to see the same this time!

To submit your scenario for the festival, simply fill out this form.

You must fill out the form once for each different scenario you’d like to run. If you’d like to run the same scenario multiple times, you may indicate so in the form. We guarantee that every scenario that meets our requirements will be scheduled at least once.

Game submission will be open from August 1st until September 3rd.


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To celebrate the festival opening on a Friday the 13th, that day will be mainly dedicated to horror scenarios of all types. If you’d like to participate, submit a horror or supernatural scenario and indicate you’d like to run it on Friday evening.

Note, that not all scenarios on Friday will be horror, and not all horror scenarios will be on Friday. If you’re not a horror fan, or you can’t come Friday, we’ve still got you covered!

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